Summer's Special to Me: Joshua

When I first met Joshua at the beginning of his 7th grade year, I could tell that he was going to make my day interesting.  He was observant and could read people in a surprising way, and he proved to be incredibly “street smart” for someone so young.  He had strong opinions about style, wearing Batman gloves with the fingers cut off and a leather jacket.  He took great pride, as I’m sure he still does, in putting on just enough cologne and keeping his shoes clean.  He made me laugh every day, and he smiled and waved at everyone he saw in the halls.  He wanted to be in the military, just like his mom.  I was excited and sad to see Joshua off to high school, and I was proud of how far he had come in the two years I knew him.

I saw Joshua this past spring at Special Olympics, and I was so happy to see how well he was getting along with his new high school peers.  He taught me a great deal about receiving certain students with gentle firmness.  I learned how to show that I cared at the same time providing unwavering structure.  I had to consistently enforce consequences when earned, whether positive or negative.  I learned how to portray to a student, even when they were upset with me, that I cared for them.  This is why Joshua is Special to Me.

A special thank you to Erica Atkisson who allowed me to share my thoughts about her son.  If you would like to submit a picture and blurb about a student who is special to you, please email it to  Your special student could be featured in the upcoming months.  It is mandatory that you receive written approval from parents before submitting any pictures or blurbs.  Teachers4.2Morrow will not be held liable for any pictures or blurbs featured without parent approval.  It is the sole responsibility of the submitting teacher to gain written approval from parents before submission, and the submitting teacher will take full responsibility for the submission if prior approval is not granted by parents.

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