Teacher Time Savers

Hello teachers, and welcome back to the year that will be like no other (aren't they all?!).  Today I'm linking up with Literacy Loves Company to share some time saving ideas.

This linky comes at the perfect time, as I think most of us are trying to think of ways to make this year run more efficiently.  I've prepped the house as much as possible for my eventual return to the classroom, finally breaking down and buying an automatic coffee maker to save some time.  But then there's the classroom.  I dove in this week and began setting up the room, with particular focus on ways to save time.

The first thing I always get to is my Student Information Cards.  These have evolved for me over the years, but they always include the same basic information.  The need for something like this was evident the first year I began teaching.  I wasted so much time running to find phone numbers, looking up meeting dates and deadlines, and in general, trying to track down information that I needed about a student when I was never in the right place to access it.

I use these so much during the year, that even if it's a returning student, I still make a new card.  Each card includes information about the student such as their grade level, ID#, parents' names, phone numbers, email addresses, allergies, times to take medications, meeting dates, qualifying disabilities, services received, and their specific transportation needs.  I like to color code the cards by grade level, adhere them to index cards and then hard laminate them.  They're polished off with a hole punch and a metal ring.

I keep the Student Information Cards handy in my desk (always in the same spot, so I don't have to look for this TOO).  If I have an IEP meeting, I make sure to take this with me.  It comes in particular handy if a parent is running late, and you have a room full of people waiting for you to make a phone call.  I keep the cards by my side when I'm writing schedules and need to remember which students see which therapist on which day.  I feel more at ease having a student's allergy and medication information at my fingertips, knowing that no important detail will fall through the cracks.

You can make your own cards, or if you want to SAVE TIME, you can find the template for these cards, as well as other time saving templates, in my Back to School Templates.  The Back to School Guide includes samples of these cards, as well as additional lists, letters and logs that are helpful in beginning your school year.

I can't wait to read all of the other time saving ideas from teachers in this linky party!  We're each other's best support, and I'm so happy to collaborate with such amazing teachers!

Happy Planning!


  1. This is a wonderful idea - so handy and quick! I can see myself using this a lot, so thank you for your great idea!

  2. These information cards are a great idea! I can see how they would be helpful on field trips. You would have medical information, parent phone numbers, etc. at your fingertips in case of an emergency. Thanks for sharing this great tip!

    Literacy Loves Company

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