Students' Rights Presentation

Some of you may know that I'm in graduate school, and when projects come along that allow me to expand on my passion in special education, I take full advantage.  I was recently assigned the task of creating a twenty-minute presentation for campus staff by choosing from the bullet points listed by my professor.  I saw two bullet points that interested me:  disability issues and students' rights.  These seemed like two topics that could be perfectly merged.

I've learned that inclusion can be a very hot topic for a lot of teachers.  There are so many variables:  the student, for one, is a great variable.  If the student has been properly placed, if the general education teacher is naturally comfortable and skilled in accommodating work, if the general education teacher has additional special education support in the classroom, etc., are all things that need to be considered.  Inclusion can be a wonderful thing when the placement is right and the correct supports are in place.

One thing that is deeply impressed upon special education teachers that some general education teachers might not fully appreciate is the enormous number of laws regarding students receiving special education services.  For this reason, I made this presentation to educate general education teachers.

What I want to impress with this presentation is that I understand how much teachers have on their shoulders, and because of this, teachers can be seemingly tipped over the edge by additional challenges.  Challenges in public school education are not going away, so sometimes what we need to do is adjust the way we see our students and remember that our ultimate goal is to educate all students so that they can meet their potential.

If you click to view the presentation, you will only see the slides, but if you download for FREE, you will be able to hear the audio presentation through the slideshow.  Remember to click on the speaker to hear the audio.
If you feel that your campus could use this presentation to educate your teachers, you are welcome to download this file for free.  I ask that you please continue to maintain the credit that is due to Kathie Snow and other amazing people who I sourced information from, as well as myself for compiling this presentation.
To view the presentation on students' rights in special education, please click HERE.

*Photograph of Chris Ulmer with his students.  Click HERE for his Facebook page, Special Books by Special Kids.