Resources for Teachers

For all of you teachers who are already preparing for next school year, here are some resources that might help.  Many of the resources offer lesson plans, but I use these only as inspiration for my own plans, as each class is very different and requires a high level of differentiation.

This link will take you directly to Monthly Instructional Guides for teachers of students with significant cognitive delays (free downloads).

This link will take you directly to the special education services page where you can find multiple resources and training opportunities.

This link takes you to multiple resources on evidence-based strategies, as well as general, training, transition, statewide and national resources.

This link takes you directly to the Autism Speaks toolkits.  These are free downloadable guides that address multiple topics.

Provides resources to learn about exceptional children.  Links to teaching resources and strategies for working with students with special needs are also provided.

Other Resources to Help with Lesson & Activity Planning:

Use their custom materials and 25,000+ images to create your own Word and Powerpoint projects with no watermarks or other limitations.  You can also upload your own pictures into their templates to create projects like Get-To-Know-You Bingo, US Presidents Dominos, picture schedules, etc.  You have to register in order to download from this site (Free Unlimited Access for 3 Months, then $36/year).

Download free materials in multiple subjects, as well as social stories, ABA materials, flashcards, basic living/home/school/independent living skills, etc.  Downloads are free, but you must register with your email to access the resources.

Download nonfiction and literary articles, along with reading comprehension and vocabulary lessons, formative assessments and teacher guidance.  Downloads are free, but you must register with your email to access the resources.

This link takes you to a free application that allows teachers to quickly create checklists that students can use to monitor their behavior in the classroom.  No registration required.

Offers lessons in math, science, social studies and language arts.  Registration required, with free limited access or full membership.

Download lesson plans and access other resources.  Downloads are free, but you must register with your email to access the resources.

Adapted, age-appropriate literature (PDF and Powerpoint format) for grades K-12.  Free to download and no registration required.

This spring I was contacted by Sarah Brian from Forever Curious, a site that offers a curation of educational resources.  She sent me some links that you might find really useful:

Offers lesson plans that integrate website content about military life and world cultures with key concepts in Language Arts, Math and other subjects.

Financial lessons for students with special needs that include teachers' guides and student activities.  Downloads are free in PDF and Powerpoint formats.  No registration required.

Offers links to lesson plans that teach children not only about history and government, but also responsibility and citizenship.  You will find lesson plans and resources to help you teach about laws and contracts to your specific age range of children.  Some of the links require registration, and some do not.

Offers links to lesson plans that teach financial literacy.  Most of the links do not require registration, and the downloads are free.

Download free PDF files, lessons and materials that teach social studies skills.  No registration required, but you'll likely need to adapt some of the literature to be appropriate for many of your students.

Links to strategies, lesson plans and activities that teach students visual-spatial skills and organization.

Links to shopping and retail-themed lesson plans for educators.  Most of the links do not require registration, and the downloads are free.

Each class includes six sessions with a different produce feature and sessions are divided into two components: a tasting activity and a cooking activity.  The tasting activity introduces children to different fruit & vegetable varieties.  Next, the children prepare a recipe using one of the fruit & vegetable varieties for the cooking activity.  This is a free PDF download (269 pages).

*With the exception of the Monthly Instructional Guides that I reviewed and updated in the fall of 2016, I have not received any compensation from any of the above resources.