Lesson Planning, 3rd Edition

Hello Middle School Teachers,

I know you're all deep into lesson planning now that it's week four, and I've had quite a few emails about a 3rd edition.  This 3rd Edition includes lesson plan templates for ELAR, Math, Science and Social Studies for each week of the nine weeks.  The editable templates will have important portions filled out for you.  Every plan includes:
  • TEKS
  • Instructional Terms
  • Supporting Concepts
  • Essence Statements
  • Prerequisite Skills
  • Critical Skills
There are places provided in the template for you to fill out based on your specific needs and materials available to you:
  • Communication/Speech Goals
  • Special Events/Holidays
  • Daily Activities
  • Leveled Differentiation
  • Embedded IEP Goals
  • Notes/Behavior Goals
You will be able to use the filled out portion of the templates as a guide to add your favorite activities to teach those skills.  Once complete, this will be a working lesson plan that you can also turn in to your administrators.  This resource will keep you on track to be teaching your students the prerequisite skills to the grade level TEKS, but remember, you still need to differentiate them based on your students' needs and the resources you have available to you.  They are NOT ready to print and go.

I want to point out that there are A LOT of prerequisite skills in the Curriculum Framework.  Adding these really made the plans quite long, but because there are so many different ways to teach the TEKS because our students are so different, I tried to find a happy medium:
  • For ELAR and Math, I used the 6th grade prerequisite skills, as there is little variation between grade levels.
  • For Writing I used the 7th grade prerequisite skills, as that's the grade that tests in this subject.
  • For Science and Social Studies I used the 8th grade prerequisite skills, as that's the grade that tests in these subjects.
Information was sourced from the T.E.A. website, and I included the links in the plans so that you can easily access the source material when planning.  I'll do my best to get these uploaded as close as possible to the transition of each nine weeks.  I hope these resources help to give you more time to spend with your students teaching, and I hope you have a fun school year!!

Click the picture or HERE to be taken to the TPT site.