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For the 2018-2019 school year, I'm posting a full Curriculum Framework for a middle school special education classroom (classrooms where students with significant cognitive disabilities access the curriculum through the prerequisite skills to the TEKS/Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills).

The Curriculum Framework includes:

• 12 Editable Cover Pages to keep your materials organized.
• A Scope & Sequence for every core subject that lists Focus Skills, TEKS, planned units and start/end dates to teach each unit.
• Pacing Calendars for every subject that are in a color coded calendar format to match each of the Focus Skills on the Scope & Sequence.
• Over 400 links to TPT and other resources that are organized by Focus Skill.
• Quarter Unit reference sheets (one for each quarter) to help teachers and parents quickly identify which units will be taught in each subject, each week of the year.
• Key Words reference sheets (one for each quarter) to help teachers and parents quickly identify which instructional terms will be focused on in each subject, each week of the year.
• A Fillable Daily IEP Instruction Schedule for teachers to plan their subjects, time of day, students to work with, teacher assignments and IEP instruction plans/stations.
• A Fillable Weekly IEP Instruction Schedule to be used as a reference tool for teachers and paraprofessionals to ensure consistent instruction of specific IEP goals that cannot be easily embedded into unit instruction.
• A Fillable Weekly Summary Schedule for teachers to post in the classroom so that students and paraprofessionals can see the weekly plan for each subject’s unit and instructional terms.
• 36 weeks of Fillable Lesson Plans for all core subjects (ELAR, math, science and social studies), broken down into four quarters AND 36 separate files (choose which you prefer), each with their own Table of Contents.

Included on every plan:
o The Focus Skill and Unit that is to be taught.
o Grade level TEKS & Essence Statements (from the T.E.A. Curriculum Framework).
o Prerequisite skills for every planned unit that have been edited down to reflect only options for what will be taught each week (from the T.E.A. Curriculum Framework).
o Possible Stations listed by grade level (most at about pre-K to 3rd grade) pulled from the Vertical Alignment Documents (from T.E.A.) making it easy to differentiate for a wide range of learning needs.
o Instructional Terms for every unit
o Supporting Concepts and Process TEKS
o Holidays & Special Events
o Strategies for teaching literacy (ELAR, Science & Social Studies) and Math specific strategies (for you to show how you are differentiating for each student).
o Three levels of verbs to document how your students will show what they’re learning.
o Fillable areas for you to individualize:
-Your specific lessons/activities to teach the skills
-Communication/speech, behavior and academic IEP goals

• There are two different ways to access your lesson plans so you can choose which format works best for you. Choose between completing your lessons in the file that divides the school year into four quarters, or choose to complete your lessons in the file folders that divide the school year into 36 separate weeks. The second option makes it easy to complete the finishing touches on your plans each week and submit to your administrator.
o This is a 374 page resource, but because of this second option, there are actually over 660 pages in this download.

• Bonus: Along with the Curriculum Framework, I have also attached 108 Full-Color Subject/Unit Labels to use both for pocket/wall charts and to organize your materials for every unit into boxes/bins, etc. Every planned unit in this Curriculum Framework has an accompanying label that also includes the Quarter and Week taught in the bottom corner.

This is a working document. It is not intended to be printed out and used as is. Most has been completed for you, but you will still need to add your students' IEP goals and specific activities that you will use to teach the units. Information in these plans is sourced from the T.E.A. (Texas Education Agency) website, and the links are provided on the lesson plans to the source documents.  

To purchase a single user license through TPT, please click HERE.

To purchase a single user license directly through my blog using Paypal, click the button below, and you'll receive $10 off the TPT price! ($110 vs. $120)
Upon receipt of payment, you will be emailed an invitation from the seller to download the resource with a Google Drive link (within 12 hours, but usually much sooner).  *Please make sure you can open documents through Google Drive before purchasing in this way.

Please contact to inquire about multiple user licenses. 

*All documents are in PDF format with fillable areas for you to type, save, and print as needed.

Also available is a Middle School Curriculum Framework for Reading and English/Language Arts only.  It offers everything that the Full Curriculum Framework offers, excluding Math, Science and Social Studies.  Click HERE to be taken to TPT to read the detailed description.


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