Organized Classroom

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This 18 page resource is in PDF Fillable format and designed to support you as you prepare for your IEP/ARD meeting. Because meetings are handled differently in every state and every district, the information provided here is meant to be general best practices and organization tips to help you. Any points that do not apply to your campus should be disregarded. Included in this resource:

*Recommendations and Advice
*IEP Meeting Checklist Sample
*IEP Meeting Checklist Fillable Template
*Possible Team Member Duties
*Case Manager's To-Do List after the IEP Meeting
*Reporting Progress at an IEP Meeting
*Gathering & Reporting Content Area Progress Sample
*Content Area Progress Fillable Template
*PLAAFP Checklist
*Progress Monitoring Critical Components
*Progress Monitoring Self Reflection
*General Education Teacher Expectations for Students with IEPs
*Data from Other Teachers and the Receipt of Special Education Procedures & Safeguards Explanation
*Teacher Input/Report for Resource Electives
*Beginning of Year Receipt of Special Education Records
*Receipt of Special Education Records

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This teacher resource offers useful strategies and tools for maximizing your paraprofessional staff in the special education classroom. This resource is in fillable PDF format so that you can adjust your plan from year to year. Whether you're meeting to plan for instruction, to address behavior needs or to divvy duties, this resource will help you stay organized and plan for a safe learning environment. Included in this resource:

*Paraprofessional Job Responsibilities
*Paraprofessional Expectations
*Paraprofessional Rotation Plan for Instruction
*Keys to Redirecting Behavior in Inclusion
*Keys to Redirecting Behavior Out of the Classroom
*Safety Plan for the Special Education Classroom
*Light System for Organizing Paraprofessional Duties Description & Overview Templates
*Light System Sample & Fillable Template
*Beginning of Year Team Meeting Agenda Sample & Fillable Template

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These materials are designed for a special needs classroom, also called specialized support, life skills alternative learning environments. This ZIP folder contains a PDF fillable file and a PowerPoint editable file.  This resource will help proactively start your school year so that you'll be ready for the unexpected. Included:

*Open House Sign-In Sheet
*Specific Supply Requests Sample Letter & Fillable Template
*Snack Procedures Sample Letter & Fillable Template
*Student Privacy Permission Chart
*Teacher’s Shopping List
*Sample Classroom Supply List for Parents & Fillable Classroom Supply List
*Sample First Week of School To-Do List & Fillable First Week of School To-Do List
*Student Information Card Sample
*Fillable Student Information Cards
*Teacher/Paraprofessional & Parent Communication Log
*“Uh-Oh” Note Home
*Needed Supply Form for Staff
*Restroom Log
*Beginning of Year Team Meeting Agenda Sample & Fillable Team Meeting Agenda
*Social Narrative for New Students with added "Get to Know Your New Teacher and School" Editable Components (personalize with your own pictures and text).

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This 40 page guide offers suggestions and advice on how to set up a Work Skills program on your campus. It includes full color visuals, grading rubrics, self-monitoring charts, a fillable lesson plan template, fillable job application, incentive ideas and directions on how to create your own (editable) Student Work Skills Manual for Cafeteria and/or Office work. Included is a social narrative to teach students on what to do when working in close quarters with others.

This ZIP file includes both Fillable PDF and Editable PowerPoint files.

*Possible Work Skills Activities on Your Campus
*Beginning a Work Skills Program
*Application Process
*Fillable Student Application
*Guidelines for the Work-Based Learning “Boss”
*Work Skills Office Work Request
*Work Skills Office Work Order Form
*Work-Based Learning Rubrics
*'When Someone is in My Way' Social Narrative
*Social Behavior Visuals for Work Skills
*Implementing a Work Skills Program
*Work-Based Incentives
*Student Supervisor Badges
*Editable Work Skills Manual Templates

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The cafeteria can be a stressful place for students with special needs. The noise levels are high, there is much less structure than in the classroom, and the students have many choices to make. A lot of preparation must go into having a smooth lunch.  This is a PDF fillable document.  This resource includes:

*Reflective Planning Questions
*Lunch Information Letter for Parents
*Cafeteria Lunch Option Visuals for Students
*Student Lunch Schedule (for certain students with restrictions)
*Lunch Seating Chart
*Lunch Time Social Narrative

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This resource will help you plan for the unexpected when preparing for your upcoming field trip. Field trips can be very stressful, especially with students with special needs. All of the supports you have set up in your classroom are not available “on the road.” Teachers must think about communication, how students will be identified if they roam, who will supervise whom and even how to prepare the students for their adventure. This is a flexible plan designed to keep you organized no matter your class size, support staff size or destination. Included in this resource:

*Student “If Lost” Tags
*Portable Communication Bracelets
*Field Trip Checklist with Special Considerations
*Field Trip Teacher Assignments
*Field Trip Plan
*Parent Reminder Sample and Template
*Field Trip Social Narrative
*PALS Thank You Tags
*In Case of Emergency Suggested Guidelines

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This resource will help you organize for bus arrival and dismissal for students with special needs.  This is a PDF fillable document.  Included in this resource:

-Reflective Questions for Planning
-Fillable a.m./p.m. Bus Chart
-Thoughts about the Bus
-Bus Social Narrative


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