Where is Mrs. Morrow?

I've been M.I.A. in the blog world for a few months, but only because I have been working on quite a few projects that I hope will greatly benefit special needs teachers and students in Texas.

I'm in the process of reviewing and updating the Monthly Instructional Guides on the Region 3 website.  I'm really excited about this project because I can indulge in one of my nerdy passions:  organizing.  Sometimes it takes time to make time.  With this project, I'm taking the time to make time for teachers.  Once complete, teachers will be able to download monthly guides with accompanying attachments for each month of the school year.  It's intended to be a tool for teachers to pace themselves with their many responsibilities in a school year.  I plan on devoting one of the months later in the year to technology, so if you use any amazing apps or websites with your students, please send them my way to be added to the master list!
Once the instructional guides are complete, I'll begin working on a really exciting project.  I've been contracted to write a Down Syndrome 101 powerpoint for the Statewide LID network.  Upon completion, the powerpoint will be recorded and made available to teachers and parents across the state using a platform like adobe connect.  I'll be creating slides with slide notes that are scripted for teachers to read in preparing the webinar.  The powerpoint will be shared with all LID (low incidence disabilities) specialists in case they want to present it in a face to face format.  My focus in this presentation will be teaching strategies for working with this student population, not only in an alternative learning environment, but in all school learning environments.  For this project, I'll be searching for photographs of strategies and/or activities being implemented successfully in the classroom, so if you have any great ideas that you'd like to volunteer, I welcome you to do so.  I can always be reached through email.
Every school year I welcome teachers and administrators from around the state to visit my room.  Teachers are amazing resources for other teachers.  I learn something new from every teacher I meet, and that's why I love to collaborate.  Life can get busy though, and we live in a big state.  For this reason, I'm trying a new way to connect with teachers and administrators around the state.  Through GoToMeeting, I can meet with teachers and administrators online using a web camera and the ability for groups of people to ask questions without having to leave their laptop.  Before the meeting, I provide access to attachments that attendees can reference during the meeting.  Hot topics right now seem to be behavior management, lesson planning, and integrating STAAR essence statements into instruction, but really, any issue can be discussed.  I'm looking forward to connecting with many more educators using this tool.

So, that's it in a nutshell.  I'm hoping to be posting new activities and resources to my site around late spring, and I really appreciate the amazing response that I've gotten from teachers.  I want to give the biggest THANK YOU to Lottie Tomko from Region 3 who is not only a warm person and a hard working lady, but who has also provided me with many opportunities over the past few years to get my ideas out of my head and bring them to people who she thinks they may help.  You're awesome!

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